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Songbirds Second Edition, 125 Favorite Children's Songs

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Songbirds Second Edition is organized into two books. Song Book with 2 Audio CDs contains the lyrics and music to 125 well-known English children's songs conveniently organized into five themes. The audio CDs contain many familiar tunes including classroom songs, nursery rhymes, folk songs, and sing-alongs. Activity Book consists of the following two parts: Part 1 contains an illustrated guide for hand motions and TPR (Total Physical Response) activities useful for teaching songs and helping children internalize vocabulary and sentence structure. Part 2 contains ideas for classroom games and activities that compliment many of the songs presented in Songbirds. Out of the 125 songs, 72 are accompanied by actions, games, and activities that will keep children engaged and help them acquire a deeper connection with the lyrics. Whether at home or in the classroom, the two Songbirds books will provide hours of music and fun! The five themes in the book are: (1) Nature (2) Animals (3) People and Places (4) Games (5) School and Friends
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